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They’re going to show my picture on the news

No, not my mug shot. One of the pictures I took of the ice last week. If you’re in the Fox5 news area be sure to tune in. The email below is from the studio.

Thank you for posting your picture to our online gallery.  Ken’s planning on using your picture this evening (Thursday) around 6:30, during main weather.  If he can’t show it then due to time constraints, he’ll plan to show it during final weather between 6:45 and 7.  Thank you again.

Steve Milone / FOX 5 Weather

Look how big my name is on the screen.  This is pretty cool.

I got the go ahead so I’m going ahead

Katrina Wheeler put together an event for the flood victims who lost all of their photos in the flood to come and have their family portraits done.  You can find more about this event and future events here.   Katrina, Kelly from True Expressions Photo and Kim Davidson did the family portraits while I did my thing as event photographer.  Basically I took photos of them taking photos.  So if anyone needs an alibi for Saturday I have it on file in RAW and JPEG format.  I guess you could say I was a photographer auditor.  OR some such clever name that I can’t come up with yet.  Just wait, it’s coming.  I wish I had gotten them in some clever Charlie’s Angels pose with their cameras.  I hate it when I come up with a great idea a week too late!

Anyway, without further adieu…

If you click on the photos it will come up bigger in the event that you, like me, cannot fully grasp the beauty and grandiosity of a postage stamp sized thumbnail.


My darling friend Ikuko graciously allowed me to take her headshots.   We went to a nearby square and spent some time in the sun talking and laughing about the old days.  She truly has a great personality to match her smile.

Ikuko Headshot

Ikuko Headshots


This is one of my favorite photos of her.  She is so photogenic.

Ikuko Kawasaki_11-07-09-0072

It was a fun shoot.  She was so easy to work with, very natural and laid back.   I hope we get to work together again soon.