Why Hire a Pro?

You’ve probably seen this post on other photographer’s websites but I would like to reiterate here why you want to hire someone for your photography needs.

“Cousin Fredericka has a nice camera.  She said she would take pictures for me.”

I get it.  I totally understand that you’re looking at dwindling funds in the wedding budget and really your cousin may have some serious photography skills but do you really want to take that chance on your wedding day?  Wedding photography is not just about a nice camera.  It’s about having someone who knows how to position herself to get the best shot.  The photographer has to know where the light is going to work in her favor and if there is no light how to solve that problem at the drop of a hat.  Moments go by so quickly and a trained photographer knows when and where to capture those once in a lifetime photos.  Plus, wouldn’t you much rather have your family enjoy the day with you instead of being stuck on camera duty all day?  Let me give you another example.  If your cousin had a nice oven would you let her make your wedding cake?

Here’s another one I heard that just blew my mind.  “I think I’m just going to have everyone take photos with their phones and send it to #myawesomewedding or send me all the files.”  There’s two big issues here.  First, when you look out into the crowd of family gathered to be part of your big day, all you’re going to see are phones and, heaven forbid, tablet screens up in the air and everyone will be jockeying for the best shot.  So instead of celebrating your big event, your guests will have turned it into a giant paparazzi event.  Instead of your ceremony being the focus, everyone will be focused on getting their best shot which may translate into lots of pushing and shoving depending on the family.  Second, when you get back from your honeymoon and see that you have 10,000 digital files from the wedding, most of them blurry or have other people’s hands, heads, and arms in the shots and mostly selfies with you in the background, are you really going to want to sift through all of those files to find the best ones of your wedding and then try to make an album or gallery out of that?  This is the behind the scenes stuff that photographers do.

You put a lot of time and effort into your wedding plans.  Why would you risk losing those memories to bad cellphone photos or missing important parts of the day because Cousin F was off flirting with the best man?

So let me tell you what a professional wedding photographer, *hint hint*, can do for you.

I arrive at the location early to scout out the terrain.  I have your shot list in my head to get all of the important details like your grandmother’s necklace you’re wearing to have a part of her with you. I have no other agenda but to document your day.  I’m not there to have a piece of cake or lead the cha cha slide (but a piece of cake would be nice).

I won’t just bring my one nice camera either.  I will have a few lenses on hand, a back-up camera, back-up back-ups, my artistic intuition, and the ability to stay calm in the midst of the worst wedding stress.

Then, after you’re whisked away to your honeymoon I will be in my office ooohing and aaahing over your beautiful wedding and all of the details you so perfectly put together.  I go through every single image and make sure your day is presented from beginning to end, totally edited and ready to view.  The best part of it is you don’t have to do a thing but relax and enjoy yourself.  And if after reading this you still want cousin Fredericka to take your wedding photos then all I can say is you have an awesome cousin.


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